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It is hard to assess the strength of one's own will at times. You may assume you're full of virtue but how does one know until truly put to the test. We were each married to others - her husband eager to share her but she so wanted to respect the vows that I made to my wife. We would not fail each other without a struggle - or so we convinced ourselves.

These thoughts were on my mind as I rode the taxi back to the Phoenix airport on Friday evening to pick her up. This meeting felt very different than our first, just three short days earlier at Baltimore airport. So much anticipation and nerves prior to that meeting that had followed a year of tender and at times passionate mail. And now anticipation and nerves of a different sort. The chemistry was there - we both felt it - the airport kisses goodbye were not brief and tender - they were drawn out and wet and hungry. The press of her body had stirred me and this reaction was known to her - one could tell from the manner in which she ground against me in that final embrace.

I had suggested she fly down to join me on Friday night and that we could return together to Baltimore on Sunday morning. She said she would see - that she'd have to have a long talk with her husband about it. My heart pounded like never before when I received her message giving her flight time.

We had not discussed living arrangements. In any case, the resort was packed with conference attendees - she would have to stay in my room. We had not explicitly discussed how we would behave but we knew we would make an effort.

She looked wonderful coming down the escalator at the Phoenix airport. More relaxed than our first meeting, and sexy as hell. She had flown dressed as per my frequent travelling fantasies. A very short skirt and a tight blouse worn close to the body - hiding very little. She wore the trademark heels. Men understand only too well the subliminal signals sent by those shoes - not just the shaping applied to calves and ass - but the confession they make - if you chase me, I will be caught. A twinge of jealousy as I imagined her sitting next to a man on the plane and being hit upon through the flight.

I took her in my arms and kissed her yet again - and instantly my body was right back where it was during our last embrace. When the kiss broke, we were both a bit breathless. I noticed her legs were bare - she had anticipated the Arizona heat - still quite present here on the first of November.

She had brought just the one bag and I marvelled at the efficiency of her packing. She quipped that she hadn't felt the need to bring much clothing. With no need to wait for luggage, I grabbed her bag - took her hand and led her to the taxi stand for the trip back to the hotel.

The ride back slightly awkward - hard to chat with the driver listening. I moved to the middle seat to sit closer to her. Rachel's already very short skirt had ridden up as she climbed into the back seat and I found it difficult to look away. She noted my struggle with amusement but made no effort to pull her skirt down. Clearly she was very used to men's eyes on her body and enjoyed it. I thought two can play this game and rested my open palm on her bare leg. I left it to linger - right at the high hemline - the warmth of my hand evident - my fingers curled near her inner thigh - a highly sensitive spot on most women.

We made small talk as we drove - I told her how lovely the resort was and how much she would enjoy the restaurants and the exercise facilities. I continued to toy with her bare leg as we drove along - she was touching me frequently in return and while the touches were not explicit, my cock thought otherwise. It was not difficult to follow her gaze and see how well she knew this. I held her bag in front of me as we entered the hotel lobby.

I led her towards the elevators and she looked puzzled about whether she should check in. I simply told her it had been pre-arranged. We rode up to the eighth floor in the glassed-in elevator - others present with us. I took her to room 807 and used the key card to open the door. As she entered, she began to ask which room I was in and then noticed my laptop on the desk. I explained the hotel was full but I'm sure we could behave responsibly in sharing the room. Immediately she took her bearings and saw just the one king-sized bed. Rachel asked if I expected her to sleep on the couch and I vaguely replied there would be no need for that.

More than twelve months past our first e-mail we were finally alone together - not in any public place. I embraced her again, more desperately than ever and sensed the same response. After several minutes of this - she broke away and said, "We must be careful.".

"Of course", I replied. "Let me unpack for you - call Mitch and let him know you've arrived safely."

She declined saying she'd make the call and then unpack herself. I asked if she would like me to leave the room but she said no. I listened to the call with great interest. Clearly her responses told me Mitch's questions. I wondered where his imagination would take him when she said, "No there were no vacancies - I'll stay with Ryan."

With the call done, Rachel unpacked the few items she had brought. I left half the dresser for her and noticed her clothing as she put them in drawers. The shorts which must have been the peekaboo pair she had mentioned. A nice bikini, thong underwear in a variety of colours. The usual female collection of toiletries and cosmetics. While she unpacked I asked if she had had her supper. She told me she had not but would like to take a shower before changing for the restaurant. I made the reservation for an hour later and told her the shower was all hers but to call out if she needed any help.

A glance between us at the moment of truth. Did it make sense for two mature adults to change their clothing behind the bathroom door. She lay out a dress for supper and simply smiled at me saying she would be back soon. She disappeared into the bathroom and I soon heard the shower running. When you have contemplated a woman's naked body in your mind so many times, it is an exquisite torture to know that it is within 10 feet of you. My imagination back into overdrive as she washed her body.

When she came back out she was wrapped in two towels. One covering her head and the other wrapped about her - just long enough to cover all the mysteries I had just been dwelling on. Without any hesitation I smiled and her and said, "That's my towel! I'd like it back please."

"Really", she answered. "You don't provide towels for your room guests?".

"Of course I do - you've simply picked MY towel - hand it over."

She knew the game was afoot and a note of mischief entered her eyes. "And if I don't hand it over?"

"Then I'll be forced to take it away from you", I answered.

"Really! I'm likely too quick for you", she taunted.

I smiled back - loving this spirit. I remained seated in the chair just looking at her and then abruptly launched myself across the bed with no warning. My hand wrapped around her thigh but she quickly spun away and jumped over to the other side of the wide bed - grinning at me. I had caught a flash of dark, but sparse trim between her legs when she moved so quickly.

"Who would have thought Rachel so hard to catch", I teased. We both began to breath more rapidly - the battle of the sexes about to get physical. I made a feint left and a feint right and she jumped to and fro waiting for my real move.

"Are you buying me supper?", she asked out of the blue.

"Of course - consider yourself my guest for the entire stay".

"Well in that case, I guess I can let you have YOUR towel", she said.

This was disappointing news indeed until I saw her unwrap the towel from her head and toss it my way.

"Sorry Rachel - you've misunderstood. That was your towel. Mine is the other one."

"If you want it - you'll have to take it", she taunted.

I wanted it and this time I was too fast for her. I caught her in my arms and pulled her down to the bed - covering her with my weight so she could not escape. She struggled back and despite surprising strength was unable to work free. I grasped the edge of the towel and began to pull. Slowly undoing the fold at the top. Gently, I pulled the towel from beneath our combined weights and she was naked beneath me. I kissed her and her struggles continued and then rapidly weakened and ceased. Her mouth was hot and eager - her tongue active and probing. Our lips pressed together and apart and back together. My hand explored her cool damp naked flesh. Cool and damp most everywhere but hot and damp between her legs - a qualitative difference.

Rachel spread her legs to embrace me and I thrust against her. I was still fully clothed but my cock was hard and straight and nestled in her furrow. I rocked back and forth like this maximizing the sensations for both of us. I continued to kiss her and slid my hands beneath her naked ass to pull her even more tightly into me. Despite my clothing I was near climax and sensed the same for her - too many months of foreplay - too much anticipation - too long a drive from the airport.

Will. Did I have it or did I not? Was I even thinking at this point? Was she? Had it all come down to raw emotions and pure animal lust? I was focused only on her - her pleasure and my own. But a nagging thought: if I lost this battle, did I want to lose it in this fashion? - with my clothes still on - or did I want her as fully and completely as possible?

I pulled back and sat back on my legs to look at her. Her body completely naked before me for the first time - the sight of her only inflaming me further - sweat from both of us glistening on her skin - her thighs - her breasts - her belly. Her pussy swollen and slick. I was panting - deep breaths and shaking from the excitement. She looked at me - a note of understanding in her face but also a clear signal that the decision was mine.

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I reached for the buttons on my shirt and began to undo them - watching her carefully. Her eyes widened and her pupils enlarged. There was no stop signal in her face - no effort to close her legs - no pretense of modesty.

I cast my shirt aside and she arose to embrace me. Her naked chest now pressed into my own - my chest hair brushing over her breasts. She reached behind my head and pulled my mouth back to her own - the intensity of her kisses hotter than before - a display of the talent of her tongue. I wrapped my arms around her and then felt her hands seek my belt. Quick fingers undoing the buckle, then the clasp. Her fingers on the zipper and then her hands pulling my pants to my knees.

Her hand sought my hard erection - caressing me through my underwear - tight against my eagerness. And then she freed me - pulling my underwear away and down to my knees. Her hand on my cock now - wrapped around - a tight confident grasp - stroking me expertly. Sometimes sliding her hand up and down the full length of me - other times concentrating on the engorged head of my prick.

My hands were exploring her body - caressing her flanks and back and shoulders. My kisses on her mouth and cheeks and neck and ears - trying to burrow into her face as tightly as I could manage.

I imagined how eager Mitch would be to see Rachel's hand wrapped around another man's cock. How often had he fantasized about this image and more like it. Was this thought running through his head at this very moment?

Rachel had fantasies of her own and was eager to realize one of them now. She pushed me back down on the bed and removed my clothing completely. She stretched out on top of me now and kissed me briefly and then started to push her naked body slowly down my own - trailing kisses as she went. Lips, chin, neck, chest. I knew where her mouth would lead and my cock was twitching in anticipation. Nipples next - and then belly - she was inhaling my scent as she went - muskier by the moment.

And then the moment - she took the base of my cock in her hand and slowly brought her face towards the head. I could feel her ragged hot breath on the tip and then the touch of her lips on tip of my cock - just like a gentle kiss. Her mouth was closed and her lips together and then she slowly began to engulf me - the most delicious of penetrations - taking more of me in - slowly opening her mouth to allow more of me inside - maintaining a tight and wet and hot envelopment of me. Moving inch by exquisite inch. Over the ridge of the head and steadily down - pausing briefly to torment me with her tongue - barely a minute into a blow job and I was nearly ready to explode.

And then the pausing was done and Rachel continued to draw me into her mouth - further and further down my shaft. My prick deeper and deeper inside her mouth and throat. I cannot describe how wonderful this felt. When her lips met her fist near the bottom of my shaft she squeezed even tighter and suctioned me more deeply into her mouth.

And then she got serious - practice and study evident in the expertise with which she attacked me. Rapid motions up and down - counter tempos between hand and mouth - rotations and tongue twirls - concentrating now on the head and then on the shaft.

My balls tightened - my body groaned - she understood I was on the precipice - that delicious moment - too short this time and then suddenly I was spurting inside her - my cum splashing deep into her throat - another man's semen pouring over her teeth and coating her tongue. She pulled back to watch and continued to stroke powerfully with her hand - the last spasms from me as urgent as the first - cum shooting from the tip of my prick - landing on her face and in her hair.

And then I was done - completely spent in so many ways - a year's anticipation into 30 seconds of incredibly intense pleasure. She continued to hold me - softly now - gently touching my cock - smiling at me.

Will. I did not have enough for Rachel. I smiled back at her. I told her that if she was willing to carry me to supper that I would take that chance to get my strength back and treat her to a wonderful dessert afterwards.

Supper took time and we savoured the anticipation of the meal and what would follow. I cautioned her to have a light meal - that one glass of wine would be plenty. She was incredibly happy and bubbly through supper - big smiles on her face as she thought of the incredible pleasure she had been able to provide. Each grin was answered by a smile of my own.

She looked marvellous. She wore a short black cocktail dress - off the shoulder - her makeup just right - her face still aglow from her exertions. I wanted her again - less rush this time but still a desperate desire.

"I want you Rachel. Just looking at you and my cock is getting hard again."

I heard a shoe drop and then her warm bare foot sought and found the confirmation of what I had just told her. I reached under the table and caressed her foot - pulling it closer to me.

"Can you feel that excitement?", I asked her.

"Oh yes - as hard as you are Ryan, that's how wet I am."

I considered canceling dinner right then and there and rushing back to the room but did not. The meal arrived and we ate and chatted - much innuendo - much flirtation.

The waiter brought the dessert menu - but Rachel declined playfully telling him she'd been promised a different dessert already. He brought the bill and some mints - which melted in the mouth. I signed the bill to my room and then escorted Rachel from the dining room. I wrapped my arm around her waist and noted the looks on men's faces as we passed by them - lust towards her - daggers toward me.

The evening was pleasant and warm - the heat from the afternoon dissipating - fall darkness already settled on the resort. A thin crescent moon was low in the sky. I took her hand and led her towards the resort's gardens - many beautiful flowers and wonderful scents. Pathways through hedges and past tall shrubs. When we reached a safe distance from the hotel, I took her in my arms and looked into her eyes and kissed her. A taste of mint still present on her tongue. These were tender kisses at first but our passions were quickly roused and the kissing became more urgent.

Her tongue in my mouth was a powerful reminder of what that woman had done to me just a short while before - there was a jolt between my tongue and my cock and I became fully hard and upright once again. I pulled her closer to me. She stood on tiptoe and her dress rose with our efforts. I slid my hand down and cupped each of her cheeks in one hand. The material of her dress was silky and she wore a brief thong underneath. I could feel her ass through the thin material of the dress.

She ground against me - I pressed her hard against my crotch - pressure on her ass to maximize the contact. Our kisses frantic now - panting again between kisses. I explored her face with my lips - forehead - cheeks - chin - lips - often back to her lips and mouth. I kissed her ear - and then trailed kisses down her neck and along her bare shoulder.

I turned her around and she backed into me. I continued to kiss her shoulders and was now able to explore her body with my hands. Again the thin silky material of her dress but now my fingers were awakening her nipples beneath the material. My hands slowly drifted down and down until I reached the hemline and then the bare flesh of her thighs.

I brought my hand underneath her dress and found her hot and wet - the front of her thong soaked through - her swelling evident. My fingers found the top of her underwear and pulled them down for easier access. Her thong fell to her feet on the grass and she stepped out - my fingers now free to explore between her legs - so wet and so warm - my fingers found her clit and I started to caress her there. Caress not quite the right word - there was a definite intent in my fingers and her body told me the intent was good. She moved against me - surely the press of her ass against me was every bit as good as my finger on her.

With my other hand I continued to stroke her body - reaching up and touching her breasts - drawing my hand across her chest - playing with the edge of her neckline. I tugged at her neckline and she took the hint - she pulled the material down - exposing her breasts to the cool night air - oblivious to the notion that others might also explore the garden.

Her ass felt wonderful against me but I wanted more and could not wait. I dropped my pants and underwear and pulled her back against me. I lifted her dress above her waist and her bare ass was now pressing against my naked prick. Upright and centered between her cheeks. Her motions left and right driving me wild.

I pushed on her shoulders and she sank to her knees. I followed her onto my knees and watched as she sloped forward now - head towards the ground - her naked ass high in the air. I could smell the scent of her arousal. I took my cock in hand and brought it towards her pussy - rubbing the head against her wetness.

"What to you want Rachel?"

"Fuck me now, Ryan, Fuck me - Fuck me!"

I impaled her - not gently but one fierce, fast thrust deep inside her - hard enough to knock her forward. She pushed back and I pressed in deeply and then withdrew almost entirely and slammed into her again. Again and again - over and over hard inside her. Listening to her moan as she thrust back against me.

I paused briefly while deeply inside. I found her purse and reached inside for her cell phone. A recall brought up Mitch's number and I pressed call and then tossed the phone near on the ground near her face and continued to fuck her.

We heard Mitch answer hello but the only reply was the sound of Rachel's passion as I continued to pound into her from behind. He could hear her gasping breath - he could hear the moans and sighs with which he was so familiar. He could listen to his wife tell another man.

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