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Tales and myths from the American Wild West have fascinated boys all over the world during the last 140 years. An old saying says, "Boys are always boys and will never be adults" and therefore we middle aged men in our small Scandinavian town have an "Old West Club" with twelve members. Names as Wyatt Earp, John Ringo and Doc Holliday are magnified and fact is mixed with fiction in numbers of novels, films and TV soaps. But out there were a large number of others today forgotten men and even a few women who did much greater heroic achievements. Incredible things happened out there and surprisingly much of it is well documented. Those stories are usually more fascinating than fictions and the club has got a nice collection of "regional" books from the old South West states. All Club members even own and have licence for a working replica of an old percussion black powder Navy Colt. We usually meet once a month for shooting practice and thereafter for some beers and chat. Such a gang of close friends in different professions is, of course, a useful source for sharing information, even "secret gossip" which nobody is allowed to tell further, not even to our wives.

The last meeting was dominated by the vice principal of the local senior high school. He had for a long time been promised that the principal job will be his when the old principal retired. But to everybody's great surprise, a totally incompetent woman, a day-care directress married to a local politician, got the job instead of him because one loud-mouthed female politician in the city council had found out a negative balance of females in the city top jobs.

The new principal began her job with, for the school, very expensive EU (European Union) principal conference in England and came back with a quotation from one unknown EU fund for "Protecting the genuine English language from American influences" which offered to pay

50% of the expenses if her school hired a well qualified unemployed native English teacher for increasing the quality of English in her school. None of the two English teachers understood what that extra EU teacher could do because the school had the latest modern equipment for language training and after all why such an effort on upper class boarding school language when many of the students went backpacking to Australia or took au-pair jobs in USA where the boarding school pronunciation hardly impressed any average people,

Of course, the city council accepted the quotation and she went back to England together with her friend the female politician for hiring a qualified teacher. After 10 days and sky-high expenses for the school they returned with Rupert Sparkford Jr. Due to his roots in some of the British West Indian islands, Rupert looks as Harry Belafonte did in his younger days which of some reason get many females damp between their legs. However, Rupert was educated in Oxford and well overqualified for the job he had been offered. The two females got so impressed of his qualifications that they forgot to ask him why he usually got fired from his jobs.

The vice principal had his office next to the principal's and in his efforts to get information about what she was doing, he had bought an electronic listening equipment so he was able to hear everything said in her office. Illegal and naughty but useful, he said.

Rupert's first day at the school didn't go well. He flirted with the schoolgirls, several teachers complained and the principal took him into her office for telling him the rules. The vice principal had got their talk on a tape and we listened.

"Dear Rupert, flirting with pupils is out of question, do you understand?"

"No, Mrs. Dahl."

"Harassing pupils is against the law in this country and of course in the whole EU, if you don't stop such behavior you will be fired and blacklisted from all kind of school jobs. Understand?"

"Yes Mrs. Dahl. May I ask you a question? Do you accept us teachers flirting with each others?"

"Of course not during the lessons. What adults are doing on their spare times is not my business. But you ought to know that any kind sex harassing is regarded as a worse crime than stealing."

Then we heard several minutes of whispering and her shouting," No Rupert, NO; NO"

Further several minutes of loud whispering and strange sound thereafter her squeaking, " No Rupert, No, Not here in my office!"

A long silence again and then her subdued voice, "Rupert, what are you doing? You can't put me up on my desk. NO Rupert, don't dare touch my pantyhose, NO Rupert, NO Rupert, no, no, no, not my panties! Oh oh oh oh oh ouuuu Rupert. Oh my God, yes Rupert, yes, yes, Oh Rupert you are so good, give me more Rupert, more, more please Rupert."

No doubt that he fucked her on her desk and after a while their moaning and groaning increased to a final groan. Then followed by a long silence and Rupert saying, "Thank you Mrs. Dahl, you are the best principal I've ever met."

She didn't answer him.

We were impressed. This Rupert must be a real champion. It is hard to believe that anybody else is able to fuck the principal on her own desk. Rupert did it.

The vice principal told us some further gossip from the school that the janitor had heard strange sounds from an empty office at one afternoon after school time and found Rupert and one of the teachers, Mrs. Engberg fucking on the desk in there. The janitor got well bribed and promised to keep his mouth shut. Rupert now regards him as a crony and has told him about his plans for an English evening class for the teachers and promised the janitor that before the class is finish he will fuck every female teacher in the class and a few others of the female teachers in the school as well.

All eleven friends looked at me because they knew that my handsome wife Marianne is teacher in the senior high school. One of the guys, a plumber, said, "Please remembers what happened when poor ‘Arky' got caught with his pants down."

Everybody got a good laugh. Arkansas "Arky" Black was a real old South West character, prospector and saloon owner in Shakespeare, New Mexico. He did never care if females were single, married, old, young, handsome, ugly, red, black, white or yellow. He fucked all of them, which caused him many problems. When he was caught again, after several warnings, with a married woman the men in the town decided to hang him. A rope was put around his neck, thrown over a beam and the husbands pulled away at the other end. Arky was dragged up to the air with a strange gurgling sound coming from his throat. After a while they lowered him to the ground and promised to save his life if he left the town. Arky asked them go to the hell and was dragged up to the air again when one of the men got remorse and shouted, "He is too god man to be hanged!" The others agreed, Arky was released and instead of him, the cuckolded husband who had complained about Arky was put on the first diligence out of town. The plumber continued, "If Rupert fucks your wife, out of town you go!"

After some further good laugh one other member, a police officer, told us, "Something must be done, but please remember this information about Rupert's fucking is top hot secret and not a word to anybody."

After the meeting, my thoughts about the situation weren't funny at all. I knew that if my handsome wife joined the evening class, which she probably would, she would be an easy prey for Rupert the "Super-Seducer" when he decided that it was time for him to get a taste of her pussy.

A few days later she told me that her school had got a EU approved evening class for teachers who wanted to improve and correct their skills in English and she had to go. Of course, I had objections, but not good enough to change her mind.

Rupert got sixteen teachers to his evening class, nine females and seven men. He had got a small office and the janitor had told the vice principal that on his bulletin board he had put a list titled "FFFT" (Fucked Female Fellow Teachers) Just as Frank Sinatra says to have done when he fucked a ballet in Las Vegas. Rupert had complained that his office had a glass wall and the janitor had promised fix curtains but the got a NO from the principal when he had suggested her to write a purchase order.

Marianne was very pleased when she came home from her first class with Rupert. He is so cute and charming and it's just like to be a romantic schoolgirl again was her only comment to what they had learnt during the evening.

Two weeks later the vice principal and I run to each other's in the hardware store and he told me that he was trying to get information about Rupert from England. But his usual good connections didn't work very well. He had got a feeling that they were happy to be rid of him and didn't want him back. The Janitor had told him that Rupert's list had four of the names marked with a transparent red marker: The principal and Mrs. Engberg which he already had fucked earlier plus two new names, Linda Gren, a young overweighed single and Moa Andersson a fifty-five years old divorce. He really intended to fuck all of them in the class. Rupert had even got Mrs. Dahl, the principal, to give him a blowjob at her office. On a video to the next club meeting the vice principal said with a laugh.

One evening when Marianne came home from Rupert's evening class giggling about how nice guy he is and that he had promised her some rehearsal when they both had some spare time between lessons. I couldn't resist asking her, "Don't you think that your dream boy is more interested in giving you an experience of his black willy than of his boarding school English."

"You are mad and think that all polite and friendly men are perverts."

I was in a terrible position and couldn't tell her anything about my top-secret information about what this Rupert already had done with her fellow teachers. Therefore I could only give her a warning, " I know that many women here in the North are curious about the myth of fantastic black lovers. It's no secret why many women use to go to Gambia for holidays. I'm fed up with your teenage girlish idolizing of this damn Rupert. I don't care how much you dream about him, but if your dreams go to reality, you are in serious trouble. Haven't you romantic fool heard about his escapades in town? Ask Tommy Borg why he left his wife."

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The next club meeting began with a price shooting at pumpkins at 25 meters distance. I pretended that I saw Rupert in those pumpkins and won the price, a bottle of malt whisky.

At the "beer time" the vice principal told us further news from the school. First, Rupert had got a new victory on his list, Magdalena Pedersen, a cute married mother of two.

One of the boys, a dentist shouted, "Oh my God, she is one of my customers" and then he asked me, "How is Marianne, do you think it's her turn soon?"

I could only reply," I'm afraid it is. I think she‘s got stupid romantic dreams. I've told her that he is more interested in her pussy than her English and warned her for the consequences of going all the way with him. Of course, without saying anything about our secret information. What more can I do? I can't lock her in until he is gone, or watch her all the day."

The vice principal promised keep his eyes open and phone me if he noted something. Then he told us the latest news. The principal had told the janitor that she had a plan for a new maintenance organization without him because what he is doing today will be done by two female "assistants" in the future. The janitor had got furious and begged the vice principal to help him. Together they found out a plan with a small black and white cordless TV camera hidden in the principal's bookshelf and the vice principal operating it with a remote control from his office. Illegal as snow in hell, but he feared be the next to be replaced by a "political correct female".

We were impressed of the rather good quality of the video. It began with Rupert coming into the office, went to her chair and gave her a long kiss and squeezed her bops with his right hand. Then he made a quick movement and took of his pants and boxer shorts and kissed her again when she tried to say something. She began to play with his tool and got it hard. After a few seconds Rupert took a grip of her hair with his left hand and guided his cock into her open mouth with his right hand. She got such a surprise that before she tried to get rid of it he had it deep in her mouth and held her head with his both hands. She did surrender within a few seconds and began to suck the hard cock. After a while he got enough, lifted her up on the desk, took of her pantyhose and panties, licked her pussy for a few seconds and then lifted up her ankles to his shoulders, penetrated her pussy and began a wild fucking which lasted a surprisingly long time which made her to cum at least twice after what we could see in the video.

Great show and we were impressed again. One of the guys said, "He must be the European Champion in his game and ought to have a place in ‘Seducers Hall of Fame' wherever it is. He got that damn bitch suck his cock in such a short time, incredible indeed."

Two days later shit hit the fan. I know that Marianne have a short Friday now and then and decided to go home just in case she had got any stupid plans with Rupert.

I immediately saw Rupert's red mountain bike outside my front door and feared the worst.

I opened the front door, went stealthy down to the basement and took out my black powder Navy Colt from the safe box. After the last shooting I had loaded the cylinder with "show-loads" of small paper bags with black powder but without any lead bullets, just in case. Then I hurried up again, didn't see any of them in the kitchen or in the living room but when I came to the bedroom door, I heard Marianne shouting, "Oh Rupert, Oh Rupert."

I rushed in and saw a dark brown ass between Marianne's spread legs in our martial bed. With a few quick steps I reached the bed, pointed at the dark ass with the Colt and fired a chamber. A black-powder revolver .44 burns terribly at close range. Rupert got the muzzle blast in his bare ass. Even it was from a rather safe distance he must thought that the lightening had struck his ass when he heard a sound like a thunder, felt a terrible a pain of the fire blast, saw fire, smoke and felt the smell of burnt black powder. He was in such a chock that he was almost white when he jumped up from the bed. I shouted, "Get out asshole when you can" and fired one more chamber in the air for scaring the shit out of him. He run out naked and left his clothes on floor. I followed him to the front door and noted that he had cached his jacket during the escape. Later I heard many stories about people seen him using the jacket as a loincloth when he biked away as the devil was hunting for him.

I retuned to the bedroom, told the crying Marianne to get her ass out of the bed and take all her clothes and other things to the spare bedroom. Then I went down to the basement, put the Colt back in the safe box, took an axe and went back to the bedroom and chopped the only two months old very expensive bed in small pieces. I put everything from the bed including pillows, sheets and the new expensive duvets in the Volvo V70 and took it to the city dump. Went to the furniture store and bought a new kit to the bedroom. The owner had a strange look in his face when he asked, "Didn't you buy exactly the same thing a few weeks ago?"

"Yes, but it broke down"

"Broke down? Impossible, never heard any of these beds broke down. However, you have 25 years guarantee for such matters! Just tell me a time when it's OK for you and you get your bed replaced for free, of course"

"It broke down in pieces which now are on the city dump."

"God in Heaven! What happened to the bed?"

"Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course"

"A black fellow worker of my wife fucked her in that bed"

"In such a matter I must say that even the best guarantee is invalid, but I'll give you 10% on everything you'll buy in this store during this year. OK?"

I'm sure Marianne will get a big smile next time she goes to that furniture store.

Marianne had taken out her belongings from the bedroom when I was back and we didn't say a word to each other during the whole week-end. She understood that her interrupted experience of black cock was an expensive fuck and hardly worth the money for the new bed. For the same price she could get a three weeks vacation at a four star hotel at Barbados with a new black gigolo every night.

At Monday afternoon she came home in total mess and shouted to me, "You bastard, what in the hell have you done to Rupert?"

"Chased him away from fucking my wife in my bed. You did see everything, or have you already forgot what you did? I could killed that bastard, but didn't do any harm to him, just chased him out of my bedroom. What's wrong with that? Oh dear, you missed your heavenly orgasms?"

"He is in jail in Germany, What in the hell have you done to him?"

"Jail in Germany? I wish they'd keep him there forever. I haven't seen that bastard since I got him out of my house. You ought to know that I've been at home the whole week-end."

Marianne understood that I was innocent to the Berlin scandal.

One hour later the vice principal rang and told me that Marianne's name was not on Rupert's list and even he asked me if I knew anything further about Rupert's Berlin trip. Then he told me what he knew:

When the night train from Scandinavia arrived to Berlin, Germany, early at Saturday morning the sleeping compartment conductor had problems waking up one of the passengers. When he at least got him off the bed, he found that it was a black man dressed in ladies stay up stockings and laced ladies panties. No other clothes, no money or any ID was found. He phoned the police who came and took him to their custody. The man claimed that he was a British citizen and was working for the EU in a Scandinavian school. The police phoned the British Embassy, which was closed for the weekend. Rupert had to remain in custody. On Monday the Berlin police phoned the school. The principal was away on a "Female leadership seminaries" at an Egyptian holiday resort why the vice principal took the call and told the Berlin police that at the school there were an EU teacher by the name Rupert Sparkford Jr. but the school could not pay any expenses for getting Rupert back because he is a British citizen and therefore a British problem. A few hours later, together with a the Teacher-union representative, and the janitor the vice principal went to Rupert's office, found a tape recorder, pushed the button and heard Rupert get a blowjob and fuck the principal. Then they found Rupert's list of "fucked teachers". The worst scandal in that old school was in the daylight. Then the vice principal arranged a staff meeting with all teachers where he told them that Rupert was in custody of the police in Berlin where they had found him on a train dressed as a transvestite and that they had found a tape cassette in Rupert's office of him having sex with the principal. Even a list with the names of several female teachers who had sex with Rupert was found, bud he had decided to keep it secret. He had even got information from England that Rupert had been involved in sex scandals and fired from two schools there.

The local newspaper was under such a pressure from the politicians that it didn't dare write anything about the scandal. But of some unknown reason the nationwide distributed tabloid evening papers had got a copy of the fucking video and as sex scandals are their best selling matters, they made a big case of it with headlines as, "TEACHERS IN SEX SCANDAL" and "ORGIES IN HIGH SCHOOL" with color pictures of Rupert and the principal. For increasing the exotic effects they had made Rupert much darker than he is in the real life.

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